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Utility Vehicle

Shape and Dimension Control

GOM's portable TRITOPCMM system supports 3D coordinate measuring on objects of almost any size. It is ideally suited to verify the geometry and dimensions of machinery and utility vehicles. Measured 3D coordinates can be aligned with a CAD model to reveal any deviations from the design and to identify problems such as warp and bending. The fast and flexible measuring system can be operated by a single person and allows on-site verification of shapes and dimensions, without having to move vehicles into a garage. As the results are stored digitally, distances, angles, GD & T, etc., can always be subjected to further analysis at a later stage.

Vibration Analysis

GOM's PONTOS deformation measurement system analyzes the behavior of vehicles in operation to detect sources of unwanted vibrations. Vehicles can be observed in real time under different conditions, under varying mechanical loads, temperatures or speeds. The system supports online analysis of deformation, displacement, acceleration, speed and trajectories, replacing conventional extensometers and acceleration sensors. PONTOS is the system of choice for root cause analysis of vibrations to optimize passenger comfort and safety.