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ATOS Compact Scan

ATOS Compact Scan - The compact class of scanning

ATOS Compact Scan - The compact class of scanning

The ATOS Compact Scan defines a new class of scanner for 3D measurement and inspection. The lightweight, compact construction opens new application areas and ensures ultimate adaptability for 3-dimensional measuring of components such as casted and injection molded parts, forms and models, interiors, prototypes, design models, ...

The advanced hardware is combined with completely integrated, powerful software for scanning and inspection, intensive hard- and software training and reliable worldwide support network to form a complete package at a competitive price.

The ATOS Compact Scan delivers:


Blue Light Technology


Scan & Probe


Scaleable Field of View


The Compact Class


Portable Measuring


Complete Measuring System


Powered by ATOS + GOM Inspect - Powerful measuring and inspection software

The ATOS Software is a knowledge base – it guides the operator through the complete scanning procedure and provides support for setting up new measuring tasks using guided project creation.


ATOS - Powerful measuring software

The ATOS software is used to run the sensor head, to process the 3D point cloud and to edit and post-process the data. The simple graphical user interface helps support today's demanding tasks in quality control, manufacturing processes and reverse engineering.


GOM Inspect - Free Inspection and Mesh Processing

GOM Inspect is the free result viewer, mesh processing and inspection software for dimensional analysis of ATOS data or 3D point clouds.


GOM Inspect is more than just a viewer. It also contains a complete set of tools for advanced mesh processing and evaluation.

This free software not only analyzes ATOS data, but also 3D point clouds from laser scanners, CTs, and other white light scanners. Import, process, and evaluate in one free software package.


Free result viewer

Share ATOS results, further analyze data and easily discuss and detect problematic areas with colleagues, suppliers, and customers for effective collaboration to speed-up decision making processes.


Technical Data

GOM Inspect
ATOS Compact Scan 2M ATOS Compact Scan 5M
 Camera Pixels  2 x 2 000 000  2 x 5 000 000
 Measuring Area  35 x 30 - 1000 x 750 mm²  40 x 30 - 1200 x 900 mm²
 Point Spacing  0.021 - 0.615 mm  0.017 - 0.481 mm
 Working Distance  450 - 1200 mm  450 - 1200 mm
 Sensor Dimensions   340 mm x 130 mm x 230 mm
 Weight   ca. 4 kg
 Sensor Controller   integrated
 Cable Length   up to 30m
 Sensor Positioning   lightweight tripod or sensor stand
 Part Positioning   manual or automatic rotation table
 Image Processing Computer   portable or desktop
 Operating System   Windows 7
 Software   data capture, processing and complete inspection
 Ambient lighting   low sensitivity to environment lighting conditions
 Environmental vibrations   unaffected due to GOMs dynamic referencing system
 Operating Temperature   5 - 40°C, non condensing
 Power Supply   90 - 230 V AC